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7th Session @ Tuesday 26th November 2019


Over the past months, 7 sessions has brought together an incredible group of individuals, businesses and organisations through a series of speaker led events where they have shared their knowledge and inspired us with a positive approach to take climate action in our daily lives. 

Our 7th Session on 26th November will once again bring together inspirational people gathering at the Curtain Hotel in Shoreditch for a day of  Love, music and a celebration of Mother Earth. 

Proceeds raised on this day will go to “Cool Earth” a non-profit organisation that works alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation and its impact on climate change.

Vivienne Westwood



The day will begin with Dame Vivienne Westwood giving a lecture on literature and culture as a part of her IoU series of events. IoU are 'Intellectuals Unite'. An Intellectual is someone who wishes to understand the world and their place in it.

During this talk Vivienne will aim to address the complete picture:

'knowledge gives us our past, present and future. 

Knowledge = what defines our species, homo sapiens.

The present world suffers from the isolation of intellectuals, therefore to that extent, everyone is isolated: it is through culture that we link together. The 20th Century abandoned culture and accepted consumption. Consumption feeds austerity. 

IoU is open to All – you just have to read a book, that is your roots. We are the people, we are homo sapiens.' 

proceeds from the evening will go to cool earth

Climate change is real and it’s happening now.

The planet is at risk of catastrophic effects from growing emissions of carbon dioxide that are driving up temperatures threatening all life forms and risking our rich biodiversity.

Keeping rainforests standing is the simplest and most cost effective way to mitigate climate change.

Cool Earth is a non-profit organisation that works alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation and its impact on climate change.

DJ SET from haai


HAAi's absorbing & slow-release style makes for sets that deal in long lasting pleasures rather than instant hits of gratification. Plucked from relative obscurity, 3 years ago HAAi was instilled as the Saturday night resident for London club Phonox, with her residency coming to an end in September 2018 after a run of sold-out closing parties & her debut Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1 being named the Essential Mix of the Year. In this time, her profile has grown exponentially, now playing shows and festivals all over the world to thousands of revellers who have bought into her propulsive and eclectic selections. HAAi is an avid collector of Thai and Turkish funk, tripped-out psychedelic records and Nigerian and Kenyan beats. Playing for 6 hours every Saturday night has allowed her to seamlessly mix these genres in with her love of techno, creating an unrivalled experience for the adoring fans she plays to around the globe.


Just announced! Amazing late evening guest appearance!


Drag collective featuring highly addictive queens & kings with Down-Syndrome.

Drag Syndrome is a drag troupe like no other. Drag is about transformation. It's about freedom of expression. But Drag Syndrome goes a step further – its talented artists broaden our horizons with their creativity and effortlessly disarm the audience with their profound love of life.

Master peace


If Run DMC and Aerosmith had a child, we would have the young, energetic Master Peace. Emerging from the grime scene,  ‘Master Peace’ isn’t your average MC. Mixing rock and rap in a way that has not been done before, the South Londoner describes his sound as “raw”, “alternative” and very left.

Music coordination

Henry Bennett


Henry Bennett who supervised the music for the event will also DJ.

Henry is a sound artist and DJ affiliated with LDN venues FOLD, The Glove that Fits and Sketch. 



From the sweaty walls of Dalston Superstore to the main stage of Milkshake Festival (in both Amsterdam and Sao Paulo) the ABSOLUTE. artist project has grown out of Anthony’s home studio into a fully-fledged proposition supported by some of the world’s leading tastemakers. 

Music from Truman dinosaur

Truman Dinosaur

Truman Dinosaur is the quintessential British five piece reinventing psychedelic pop for a new generation. Evoking the spirit of Syd Barrett and the lost summer of love, Truman have awakened the dream song so we may never sleep again. Keep your eyes peeled for debut 7" 'Does this feel like Heaven' due this December.


Music from ruby confue


Ruby Confue

Phenomenally intricate, Ruby's sound demonstrates great versatility. Fusing Urban-Jazz with Neo-Soul, Blues and R'n'B, Ruby delivers a fresh, new perspective that captures audiences with soulful vocals and epic instrumentals.

Talk from Music Declares Emergency

Music Declares Emergency is group of artists, music industry professionals and organisations that stand together to declare a climate and ecological emergency believing in the power of music as a way  to promote the cultural change needed to create a better future. 


Fay Milton


Hal Kennard


Maddy Read Clarke


talk from Gale Burns of GreenPeace


Greenpeace is an independent, nonprofit, global campaigning organisation that uses non-violent, creative confrontation to expose global environmental problems and their causes.

Greenpeace’s goal is to ensure the ability of Earth to nurture life in all its diversity.

Greenpeace stands for positive change through action to defend the natural world and promote peace. 


Pleasure Cruiser


Pleasure Cruiser former Tokyo now London based playfully seams genres together  across the electronic music spectrum. He is a Red Bull  Music Academy Alumni and releases his music on High Hoops the Utopian Inclusive club night and record label. 



London based Russian DJ and producer will close the night with his creative and expressive beats. 



The room will be filled with environmental art reminding us all of the beauty and diversity of nature. These works will be curated by the Earth Issue magazine a collective of artists and creative professionals working at the intersection of fine art and environmentalism, will be shown. The collaborators of The Earth Issue aim to highlight a growing interest amongst young artists to awaken society’s complacent consciousness towards our planet; to inspire and harness the power of social change.

Elizabeth Fleur Willis


Elizabeth Fleur Willis is a London based curator, mixed media artist and earth enthusiast. Collating her experiences as a city soul seeking to build a stronger relationship to the natural world, Elizabeth aims to forge an ever evolving understanding of her local landscapes to create poetry, illustrative works and photography. She has worked as Head of Exhibitions for The Earth Issue since its birth

Elena Cremona


Elena Cremona is the Founder of the Earth Issue and  is also an environmental and landscape photographer whose work has a dreamy and inescapably melancholic feel that is hard not to be mesmerized by

Chiara Zonca


Chiara Zonca seeks remote and isolated places, documenting specific moments in time when changeable light or weather conditions alter her landscape perception.  This necessary shift enables her to see past the present and investigate the earth as a timeless, untouched-by-humans, dream-like entity. Colour plays a big role in her creative process and it is an essential tool to convey her emotions