How it came to be


The concept for 7Sessions  just made sense as it included our interests and our desire to do something more purposeful. Our hope is that we create a conscious, kind, collaborative and social space where we can challenge ourselves, share ideas and spark positive action. 

Mary McGonnell


Working in people & culture within the creative industries and having trained as a yoga teacher has developed my interest for people, learning, inclusivity, community and wellbeing of ourselves & our planet.  Passion for social change and the environment. Striving to live more consciously and making daily choices that have a positive impact on the environment and the world around us.  Belief that if we involve ourselves in positive change then we can evolve as individuals and community. 

Valeria Meliado'


Clothes Designer of unconventional products  and Fabric Developer working in the Fashion industry for 10 years. Involved in sustainable fashion sourcing and passionate about creating a kinder industry that is less impactful towards the planet. Knowledge is the power for changing things.  I believe talking to people and sharing empathy and knowledge can build a powerful community which will drive the necessary positive change.